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Robert Mulherrin
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Robert Mulherrin

Chief Operating Officer

As Vice President of Global Sales, for PrestoTech Solutions, Rob Mulherrin leads the organizations sales and marketing strategies responsible for delivering the full range of AT&T Communications solutions, to a select group of customers within AT&T Business.


Rob joined PrestoTech Solutions in July 2018. Prior to that Rob served as Area Vice President – Sales for AT&T Global Solutions. He held those responsibilities for a decade managing the business across several states; Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Chicago Metro. Prior to joining AT&T, he held numerous leadership positions throughout the communications industry in General Management, Sales, Operations, Wholesale and Business Development for over thirty-five years.


Rob graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a degree in Marketing and a Concentration in Public Relations. He served as Co-Chairmen for AT&T Premier Client Group’s campaign for the United Way in 2010 and 2013, and is a former member of the Purdue University, Black & Gold Technology, Board of Directors, also served on the City of Philadelphia Technology Steering Committee, Board of Directors, University of Delaware, Blue & Gold Club, Board of Directors, and March of Dimes – Delaware Board of Directors and their Executive Committee.


Rob and his wife Lori reside in Naperville, Illinois, and have two adult children, their son Robert and daughter Lauren.

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