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Enterprise Mobility

Dedicated Mobility Account Team

Dedicated Mobility Account Team

PrestoTech‘s mobility expertise starts with our people. Our dedicated mobility account team brings over 70 years of combined AT&T Mobility experience to your partnership. Every individual on our team is considered a leader in their specific area of the marketplace. They are responsible to manage each customer throughout the process, from initial consultative discovery meetings, all the way through lifecycle management, and ongoing technical support services. Here are some examples of how our dedicated mobility account team can help:


  • Lifecycle Management and Ongoing Support, Daily Moves, Adds, Changes, and Recommendations

  • Helpdesk – Dedicated Service Inbox

  • Equipment Buyback Programs

  • Proactive Rate Plan Analysis and Optimization

  • Customized Marketing Campaigns


Our mobility team also brings a wealth of experience in the AT&T Mobility applications space. The team will consult with the customer to gain a better understanding of how they conduct their business today and will make solid recommendations on how to utilize AT&T Mobility applications to increase productivity in multiple areas. Here are some examples:


  • Fleet Management

  • Enterprise Mobility Management

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Mobility Security Suite

  • Network Data Management – Access MyLan/Office@Hand

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Mobility Implementation Management

Program and Project Management – We receive, inventory, test, and prepare devices by applying the required applications and services needed in order for them to land in your end user’s hands ready to go. Custom build each customer’s required image and log/catalog them for current and future use. Battery management, mobility application loading and imaging, mobile device management loading, and implementations are all part of our service offerings. The final preparation of devices is by adding cases, screen protectors, charging cables, and many more mobility peripherals. Bundle all required accessories and peripherals, via our “White Glove” operations management team, assuring every device arrives to the end user fully functioning.


Onsite Support – Utilizing our dedicated PrestoTech Onsite Support team enables customers to fully implement projects on time and to meet established deadlines, which removes the burden from their internal resources. Services vary from day one implementation support to customized rollouts at multiple locations.


Warehousing – PrestoTech’s fully integrated warehouse can keep your devices and hardware safe while being prepped and ready for use when needed. We offer configuration vaulting services, where we store your configurations, so we can rapidly program your device to your exact specifications and deliver it to the end user as soon as possible.

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Mobility Implementation
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PrestoTech is proud to be a FirstNet dealer and part of the AT&T/FirstNet mission. FirstNet is the nationwide public safety broadband network, services, and solutions that are dedicated to First Responders and those that support them. It is more than a network, including advanced services, applications, and purpose-built devices. By working with you, we are committed to advancing public safety, making your communications simpler, faster, and more collaborative.


Why work with a FirstNet dealer?

AT&T and the First Responder Network Authority grant FirstNet Dealer status to a select group of companies with deep knowledge of public safety. Dealers are authorized to be your FirstNet sales consultant to ensure this game-changing technology gets into the hands of first responders throughout the U.S. Our team of FirstNet mobility specialists can help throughout the entire FirstNet process, from uncovering the opportunity to ongoing project management, and ensuring your client's satisfaction.



Our technical IoT team is experienced in Business Integration Planning surrounding the use of strategic tools to implement, manage, and support your enterprise. PrestoTech’s IoT team’s goals are to work with you to gain a full understanding of how your current business operates and integrate those current business processes with IoT enabled processes. We are enabled to provide Proof of Concept consultation and Proof of Design modeling which will accelerate your IoT implementation. We also assist with ROI/TCO estimation and confirmation for IoT applications while providing long term support and consultation for your IoT implementation. Our numerous vendor partnerships allow us to procure devices beyond the usual standard device sets. These are mobility peripherals that are not available via traditional AT&T offerings but are critical to your overall solution.

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Non-Stock AT&T Hardware Solutions and Equipment Buyback
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Non-Stock AT&T Hardware Solutions and Equipment Buyback

Our numerous vendor partnerships allow us to procure devices, cases, screen protectors, charging cables, and many more mobility peripherals that may not be available via the traditional AT&T ordering systems.


We specialize in equipment buyback services via a team of professionals who are experts in the mobile device management field. If you decide to trade in your old equipment, our experts will evaluate your equipment and give you market value for your surplus scanners, printers, smartphones, tablets, and many mobility hardware devices.

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